Sunday, February 13, 2011

School's In!XP

PUC's Entrance Gate
Hell yeah! After long 7 and a half months of pure inactivity the day has come!XD
Tomorrow I'll be starting my Psychology course at PUC and I'll also be returning to my Muay Thai lessons after a long break...XP Although I'm guessing that this week will be more filler lessons than anything else it'll still be a nice change of pace...XD

Overall this last seven days were very lazy.  I think this was definitely the week that felt more like vacations of all since I've returned to Curitiba!XD Probably, cuz it's the one preceding the start of the classes. I slept probably half of the week (for real...XD). The only bad point is that I had to start using an occlusal splint for bruxism and it's a pain in the ass =_=.
Still, I was able to have some fun. Went twice to the movies, hung aroung with my pals and watched lots of new stuff!@_@ Ah! I also sent my documents to the Rock In Rio organizers and they were approved! Now, I only have to wait for September, 25th and headbang till death!XD

The movies I watched in the cinema were Black Swan and Biutiful. And I have to say, they were amazing! The story, the direction, soundtrack, actings, everything was outstanding. Natalie Portman and Javier Bardem were superb in their roles. I think it's almost impossible for Natalie Portman not to take the Oscar home this year. I also watched, at home, King's Speech, Winter's Bone, The Town and Four Lions.

Geoffrey Rush's brilliant performance as Lionel Logue in King's Speech
In my opinion, King's Speech has been getting way too much attention. The movie is quite good, Colin Firth is really good as King George VI (although Geoffrey Rush's was way better - he's my favorite to get the oscar for actor in a supporting role, he definitely deserves it!) but I just don't think it's as wonderful and excellent as I've been listening everywhere.

Jennifer Lawrence doing a great job in Winter's Bone as Ree
Winter's Bone is a pretty good movie but it doesn't impress, if I may say. Jennifer Lawrence does her part pretty well and the story is pretty well developed. It's worth watching it but it'll hardly leave a permanent impression.

The Town and Four Lions were a tad bit disappointing. The first one mainly because of Ben Affleck and a weak story. And the second one because of the weak humour, although I did laugh at some moments.
This week I'm planning to watch True Grit (I'm dying to see it @_@), The Fighter, Animal Kingdom and after a long delay, The Social Network.

Despite being a complete noob when it comes to movies I like picking some favorites to the Oscars every year. So far my favorites are:

Picture: Black Swan
Director: Darren Aronofski
Actor in a leading role: Javier Bardem (although I'm pretty sure Colin Firth will take this one)
Actress in a leading role: Natalie Portman
Actor in a supporting role: Geoffrey Rush
Actress in a supporting role: well, I have to watch True Grit and The Fighter to make up my mind...XP
Animated Feature: Toy Story 3

I'm not gonna say anything about the other categories cuz I really don't understand much about them to pick a favorite ;D

I also watched lots of new animes and there was some pretty good stuff. Fractale specially! You can read my impressions on the Winter Animes Season here:

Fractale: So far the best in Winter Season
Well, that's enough rambling for now! I'll come back in the near future to talk about my first impressions of my course, so, you ghost over there, look forward to it!=D

As for the song of the week, I didn't have anything prepared beforehand nor can I think of any song that relate to what I talked about here, so I'll just pick one randomly...XD